What is a Project?

Our vision of Projects was shaped around two main objectives: 

  1. To give Brands an appropriate place to share their product ideas
  2. To provide a platform for Factories and Brands to converse in a productive manner around products

After months of research and testing, we created an awesome tool for product sharing and creation.

With Projects, Brands can more easily communicate with Factories and with increased confidence. This tool helps Brands save time and money by removing the need to send files back and forth and makes tracking your communication with Factories a breeze.

Factories are able to view all of your vital product information in one place which helps you think through your product and aids in communication with Factories.

Projects is a tool to organize, collaborate, and display product concepts with Factories listed onto our site. It's the easiest way to create a product.

Follow along with us as we show you: Getting Started with Projects.

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