On Projects: Privacy and Protection

We are very sensitive to our members privacy and confidentiality concerns. When getting started with a Project, here are some things to know:

Your project is private until you choose to share it with manufacturers that you may be interested in working with. We have over 35,000 designers that trust us with their projects, so we understand that maintaining discretion is extremely important. 

With that being said, it is important for you to know that Maker's Row cannot accept liability for issues that may occur between designers and factories. You can read more about our Terms and Conditions here:  http://makersrow.com/terms and our Privacy policy here: http://makersrow.com/privacy

Our co-founders owned a design company before launching Maker's Row. They are very sensitive to the needs of our community, so if you have any feedback along the way, please send it along as we work to improve our site and experience for our users.

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