How to Fill in Basic Information

Brands, the first section in creating your project is ‘Basic Information’. This section encapsulates the majority of basic information needed to begin a conversation with a factory.

Section 1: Basic Information

Product Name - This is the name of your product. When naming items, keep it simple and stick to basic information about the product. Names such as 'Backpack Design 1', or 'Racer Tank' will be sufficient. You can always re-edit any of this information.

Select Industry - This is the particular industry of your product. Your three options are 'Apparel', 'Furniture', or 'Other'. You should select your industry based on the development and production needs of your product.

Product Description - Use this section to elaborate on what you’re trying to create from a high level perspective. We’ve included sections later on in the Project for the finer details. Some of the best practices here are giving the factory an accurate picture of your Project without getting too deep into finer details or too far away from the things that are important. Things to include here that a factory would like to see include the following:

  • General information about your project (what are you trying to produce)
  • General timeline
  • Exact needs (materials, production, sample making, drafting)
  • Factory requirements (based in LA, can do end-to-end development)
  • Where you are currently in the process and what you need help with

Example: “I am looking to create a menswear line of trench coats. At the moment I only have a pattern made but am in need of a factory that can help with sample making and production. All of my materials are sourced".

Have You Produced This Garment Before? - This is important for factories as they will want to know a bit more about your level of expertise. It will not hinder you if this box is selected as ‘no’, it merely serves a way to better inform the factories of your skill set and knowledge.

For the next section we'll dive into calculating your budget, quantity, cost per unit, and retail price.   Continue on.

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