What is Maker’s Row? How did you find us?

We are an online marketplace connecting brands with America’s top manufacturers to make their product domestically. Our goal is to expand your business and help restore the manufacturing industry in America.

If you have received an email about claiming your profile, that’s because we allow users to refer manufacturers for factory profiles and your company came up amongst the list so have created you a FREE profile.

Here is some additional info:

It's free for a basic profile and we do not take commission on sales.

Maker's Row Stats:

- The go-to resource for American manufacturers within the apparel and furniture space

- 420,000 page views / month by individuals + small and medium sized businesses in the USA

- A dedicated network of over 75,000 brands and designers within the apparel and furniture space

Success on Maker's Row: Factories doing very well are Dynotex: https://makersrow.com/dynotex-inc

and The Patternmaker's: https://makersrow.com/the-pattern-makers. You can also hear Sean's story here:https://youtu.be/5Eh66dan89g

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