The Project Dashboard


  • Access projects created on Maker's Row in a live stream
  • Filter by relevancy to your capabilities so you always have a project to work on
  • Message brands with a estimate so they are aware of the costs
  • Save time by making sure a brand is ready to move forward with their project

Using The Project Dashboard:

To see the dashboard, log into your Maker's Row account.

From this screen, you can find a project that is a good fit for you by filtering projects by category, what stage the brand needs help with, and an estimate of the budget. 

Press the INQUIRE button to create a message with an introduction, the service you'll provide to this project, and an estimate of the cost of the project. 

Press the VIEW button to see more information about the project. You can also inquire about the project here as well! 

If you haven't connected your payments account, you will not be able to reach out to these brands. 

For the safety of the community, you'll be required to process payments for any of the projects you message through the project dashboard. 

Have more questions about connecting payments?  Click here for more information.

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