I need help with my search, do you have any tips?

We suggest you get started by conducting a search on the site for the kind of factory or service you are looking for. If you are interested in direct personal sourcing, you can upgrade to our Pro account and our Accounts team can help you with your factory search process. Alternatively, you can work with our in-house sourcing expert Liz, here: http://makersrow.com/personal-sourcing.

Search tips

1. Keep it broad

  • Instead of searching "hula hoop manufacturer" search for "plastic" "injected mold" or "rubber"
  • Instead of "children's tunic" or "baby bonnet" search for "apparel manufacturer" "cut and sew" "children's wear"

2. Break it down

  • Search single words: "pattern", "activewear", "leather", "handbag"
  • Search the material your product is made of, such as "metal", "plastic", "cotton", "aluminum"

3. Consider looking beyond your city

  • There are great factories across the nation, it may be worth working with an out-of-state factory if it is a better fit.

4. Always press "Load More" and scroll through all the results

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