Will you sign-my NDA? How will my product be protected?

We are very sensitive to our members privacy and confidentiality concerns. We are not able to sign NDA's at Maker's Row due to the number of product ideas we hear. If you are concerned about IP, we have ways to discuss the design that keep the sensitive details vague. As far as your Project on Maker’s Row Your project is private until you choose to share it with manufacturers that you may be interested in working with.

Many factories are not able to NDAs just to protect their own businesses but will definitely talk to you about privacy and keeping your project private from other client's etc. I've been told by manufactures that they see client relations as a working relationship where trust has to exist on both sides for the relationship to work out. That being said, it is definitely important for you to feel comfortable with your manufacturer. I suggest reaching out and telling them a bit about your idea without revealing the whole design at first, but be sure to note the materials you are using and mention any necessary machines they might need.

For more information on NDAs, check out this blog post: http://makersrow.com/blog/2015/12/what-to-know-about-non-disclosure-agreements/

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